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supply and stock management specialists

Effective sourcing of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) requires commitment, time and experience. Matching the technical and commercial requirements of clients to the capabilities of a manufacturing plant is a vital part of what we do.

We provide a total PCB Supply and Stock Management solution and, with over 50 years of PCB engineering, manufacturing and logistics experience in Britain and the Far East, can attribute our success to our expertise and commitment to quality.

Daleba has evolved from a small UK PCB manufacturer into today’s global concern dealing with all aspects of PCB manufacture and supply.

To build on our enviable track record of growth and smart investment, we will continue to provide unrivalled ‘Excellence in Logistics’ to all our clients. In doing so, we will maintain our place as one of the leading forces in the PCB industry.


daleba quality strategy

We believe our exemplary reputation is down to our high quality service and products. We provide a Total Supply Management solution, with experienced and dedicated team members who will deal with you on everything from quotation, engineering, quality, logistics and other key systems that all come together to ensure a seamless service.

With offices in Hong Kong and China, we are ideally located to deal with our Far East suppliers’ factories, enabling us to oversee the full spectrum of supply activities and be on hand to oversee any issues which may arise.

Our aim is to expand our competitive leadership through continuous improvement of products and processes.

All QA staff are Certified IPC-A-600 specialist inspectors.

Daleba history

2013 -Evolution Circuits
TCL acquires Evolution circuits (Kettering)

2013 – 50 Years
Daleba Celebrates 50 years

2010 – Second UK supply facility
TCL purchases our second UK Supply Facility (Kelan Circuits) in the North of England, further extending our national and international reach.

2008 – GSPK circuits
TCL purchased a major UK PCB manufacturer – GSPK Circuits Ltd – whose Northern UK presence strengthened the Group’s hold on the UK market yet further.

2000 – DK Thermal
The TCL Group created a new company, DK Thermal Ltd, to specialise in the manufacture of metal based circuit boards.

2000 – Opening Far East Office
We opened our own Far East office to meet the ever increasing demands for now not only single-sided but also double and multi layered boards from its rapidly growing customer base.

1995 – The first imports
In the 1990s, we were one of the first to recognise the importance of PCB supply from the Far East, and we made our first imports in 1995. We now have our own wholly-owned facilities and staff both in Hong Kong mainland China.

1987 – Introduction AOI
Introduction of AOI for single-sided manufacture, again a first within the UK.

1986 – Creating first OSP line
The creation of the first OSP line in the UK, which is now utilised by leading, global Blue Chip companies to reduce production overheads and maximise profits.

1984 – Introducing machinery from Japan
We were the first to introduce the NC controlled high-speed V-Cut machine from Japan into the UK.

1980 – TCL Group
The TCL Group acquired Daleba on the retirement of the founders.

1965 – Manufacturing in Ware
The first manufacturing premises opened in Ware.

1963 – Where it all began…
Daleba was founded in the UK in 1963 by David and Barbara Lee as a PCB manufacturer. We have come from our humble beginnings to become a leading manufacturing and global supplier of circuit boards from our facilities in the UK and the Far East.


Hertford Town Mill
49 Tamworth Road
Hertford – Herts
SG13 7DJ – United Kingdom

  • +44(0) 1992 510000
  • sales@daleba.co.uk
Market leaders

Daleba can manufacture PCBs ranging from single-sided to complex boards in excess of 40x layers. Our in-house CAM engineering resource allows us to rapidly check, panelise and commercially optimise a fast turnaround prototype as well as small volumes. We can supply simple technology boards in as little as 24 hours!