Thermal Interface Materials

Taking the heat out of electronics

Thermal Interface Material is used to fill air gaps that occur between mating surfaces in electronics. These gaps prevent the fast and effective transfer of heat between component and heat sink.

Taking the heat out of electronic design - Why Thermal Interface Material is your ally?

The requirement to drive electronic components harder and faster, at higher power, from smaller packages means they are running hotter – and too much heat is a component killer. Thermal Interface Material removes the heat, therefore removing the problem, this protects components from overheating, damage and failure.

Thermal Interface Material is a powerful, cost effective solution

Thermal Interface Material (otherwise known as TIM) is at the front-line in the battle to remove heat from electronic components. It is a simple, but very effective solution that significantly improves the transfer of heat from component to heat sink.

LEDs, Electric Vehicle Motor Drives, Audio Systems, Automotive Lighting, Braking and Steering Systems

These are all examples of applications where Thermal Interface Material is used as part of effective thermal management to ensure reliability, performance and to prevent component failure.

Product Solutions

Daleba stock and convert Laird Thermal Interface Material as well as offering our own range of products under our EMI Thermal brand.

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