Metal Clad PCB Capabilities

Anything is Possible

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Circuit / Panel Size

  Standard Advanced
Metal Clad PCB 510 x 610mm, 457 x 610mmm Larger sizes available for long boards  


Aluminium Denka, Ventec, Bergquist, Laird, and more
Other Materials Please Enquire

Copper Foil

  Standard Advanced
Metal Clad PCB 1oz (35µm) – 4oz (140µm) Heavier weights achievable under consultation

Surface Finishes

  Standard Advanced
Lead Free Hot Air Solder Level Yes Yes
OSP Yes Yes
Immersion Gold (ENIG) Yes Yes
Immersion Silver   Yes
Immersion Tin   Yes

Solder Masks, Idents and Carbon

  Standard Advanced
Photoimageable (LPI) Solder Mask Green, White, Black, Red, Blue Orange, Purple, Grey & Others on request
Peelable Solder Mask Standard & Hi-Temp—Blue, Green, Red Standard & Hi-Temp—Blue, Green, Red
UV Curable ident (Silkscreen) White, Yellow, Black Green, Red, Blue, Brown
Carbon Key Pads Yes Yes
Carbon Links No Yes

CNC Drilling

  Standard Advanced
Min. Finished Hole Size (Mechanical) 0.60mm x Material Thickness Smaller considered on a case by case basis
Max. Finished Hole Size (Mechanical) 5.90mm Holes over 5.90mm diameter are routed
Minimum Punched Hole Size 1.0mm x Material Thickness  
Minimum Router Diameter 1.6mm 1.6mm

Track Width

  Copper Thickness Minimum Width
  1oz (35um) 0.005″ (0.13mm)
  2oz (70um) 0.006″ (0.15mm)
  3oz (105um) 0.007″ (0.18mm)
  4oz (140um) 0.008″ (0.20mm)
  6oz (210um) 0.010″ (0.25mm)
  8oz (280um) 0.015″ (0.38mm)
  10oz (350um) 0.015″ (0.38mm)

Track Gap

  Copper Thickness Minimum Width
  1oz (35um) 0.007″ (0.18mm)
  2oz (70um) 0.009″ (0.23mm)
  3oz (105um) 0.012″ (0.30mm)
  4oz (140um) 0.014″ (0.36mm)
  6oz (210um) 0.020″ (0.51mm)
  8oz (280um) 0.024″ (0.61mm)
  10oz (350um) 0.030″ (0.76mm)

Minimum Track Profile

Scored 0.50mm  
Routed 0.40mm  
Punched One material thickness  

Solder Resist

Soldermask  The solder resist clearance around copper pads should be 0.1mm – this can be reduced to 0.05mm to maintain a 0.20mm solder dam  
Solder Dam Width  Min 0.20mm  
Solder Mask Pad Size  Min 0.30mm x 0.30mm  
Character Height (Text In Resist)  For the purposes of legible text, a minimum character height of 0.2mm is recommended  


Minimum Character Height 1.20mm  
Minimum Character Width 0.25mm  
Minimum Text Line Thickness 0.25mm  
Ident Text and Line to Copper Pad 0.20mm – No ident text or lines to encroach onto copper pads  
Minimum Distance to Board Profile 0.50mm  

Drilling & Punching

  Drilled Routed
Minimum Hole Edge to Circuit Profile 1.0mm One material thickness
Minimum Hole to Hole Edge 1.0mm One material thickness  
Minimum Punched Profile Radius 1.0mm  

Electrical Test

  Standard Advanced
% Tested (Open / Short test) 100% 100%
Hi-Pot Breakdown Test On Request On Request

Lead Times: UK Manufacture

  Standard Quick Turn
  10-15 Days 3-5 Days

Lead Times: Far East Manufacture

  Standard Quick Turn
  10-15 Days + Shipping 10 Days + Shipping
Air Freight Lead Time – 5 Days
Sea Freight Lead Time – 20 Days
All Far East lead times are subject to customs clearance
Premium International shipments can be arranged by DHL, Fedex, UPS or TNT at extra cost
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