Daleba Electronics Sustainability Policy


At Daleba Electronics we are firmly dedicated to conducting our business operations with a robust emphasis on sustainability. We acknowledge the significant influence the supply of printed circuit boards and associated products can have on the environment, society, and our sustained prosperity. Therefore, we are resolutely committed to incorporating sustainable principles into every aspect of our business.

We maintain a single sustainability policy that undergoes routine evaluation and communication to all our employees, essential stakeholders, and supply chain partners. This policy and its regular distribution serve to educate and encourage the broader embrace of responsible practices.

We go beyond all relevant legal and regulatory obligations and consider collaborative participation in the effective enactment of this policy as a prerequisite for employment, partnerships, and supply chain engagement.

We do not own any printed circuit board factories but central to our sustainability journey is our commitment to partnering exclusively with suppliers who align with our vision for a more sustainable and responsible future. We seek out and maintain relationships with businesses, whether they are PCB manufacturers or carriers, that prioritise environmental responsibility, social accountability, and ethical practices. Our suppliers, who we regularly audit, are not just vendors; they are valued partners in our mission to drive positive change in our industry and beyond.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Daleba are striving to reduce carbon emissions and shouldering our portion of the responsibility to limit the global temperature increase to below 1.5°C. To accomplish this, we will continue to reduce our ecological footprint and strive to optimise resource use, including energy, water, and raw materials.

Energy Efficiency

We will continuously work to improve energy efficiency in our operations.

Building and infrastructure

Our buildings are efficiently insulated and incorporate energy-efficient lighting and appliances.

We are committed to regular building maintenance to ensure that our systems and equipment operate efficiently, reducing energy consumption and the need for frequent replacements.

We only choose energy suppliers who use renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines, to supply our on-site energy.

Building & Infrastructure

Business travel

We acknowledge the benefit of reducing face-to-face meetings to minimise carbon emissions, saving resources, and enhancing employee work-life balance. To reduce such meetings our personnel are encouraged to engage with customers, suppliers and other colleagues not at the same location via Microsoft Teams as our preferred online meeting platform but have also been provided with guidance on how to access and use Skype for Business effectively.

Microsoft Teams Meetings

Fleet Vehicles

We have a policy of the use of eco-friendly vehicles, such as electric, hybrid, or fuel-efficient models, when purchasing or leasing new vehicles for the fleet. Our vehicles are regularly maintained to ensure optimal fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. We promote route optimisation and scheduling software to minimize fuel consumption and reduce the number of miles driven. We have guidelines for retiring older, less fuel-efficient vehicles from the fleet and replacing them with more sustainable options.

Eco-Friendly Products

RoHS Compliance

All products we supply are fully compliant compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, which restricts the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, including PCBs.

Design for Manufacture

Our Design for Manufacture (DFM) Service for printed circuit boards (PCBs) is integral to our sustainability policy, embodying our commitment to eco-conscious practices. By offering DFM, we prioritise sustainability from the design stage. Our service includes comprehensive assessments of design choices, materials, and production methods to optimise PCBs for efficiency and environmental responsibility, resulting in reduced resource consumption and minimise waste generation.

Technology innovator (Heavy Copper and Flex-rigid)

Daleba is committed to sustainability and has positioned itself as a pioneer in the development of cutting-edge Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technology that contributes significantly to environmental conservation. As pioneers in the field, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible to minimize our environmental footprint. For instance, our development of Heavy Copper PCBs for power electronics has drastically reduced the need for heavy copper bus bars, significantly decreasing the consumption of raw materials in the manufacturing process. Furthermore, our expertise allows us to incorporate varying copper weights into designs, enabling power and logic requirements to coexist on a single circuit, thereby reducing the overall number of PCBs required. Additionally, our collaborative work with customers on rigid-flex PCB designs has resulted in reduced board requirements and PCB connectors, ultimately leading to diminished resource consumption and a substantial reduction in waste generation. These innovations underscore our unwavering commitment to sustainability and our continued efforts to drive positive environmental impact through cutting-edge technology.

Heavy Copper

Promoting Sustainable Supply Chain Practices

Batch PCB production

At Daleba our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our manufacturing processes to encompass the entire supply chain. In our continuous pursuit of eco-conscious practices, we strongly encourage our valued customers to consider ordering consignment stock for up to six months of usage, which we can efficiently and sustainably transport via sea freight from our facilities in China. By choosing this environmentally responsible option over airfreight, we collectively reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. Furthermore, we are pleased to offer the option of delivering the entire six-month stock to the customer on consignment and invoicing each month's usage. This not only streamlines the logistics process but also significantly reduces the number of deliveries required, further promoting sustainability by minimizing transportation-related emissions. We believe that together, through mindful choices and responsible actions, we can make a significant positive impact on the environment while providing exceptional PCB solutions to our customers.

Batch PCB production

Waste reduction

We promote a culture of waste reduction and recycling within our buildings encouraging our employees to separate recyclable items into receptacles provided to minimise waste generation.

In our warehouse and shipping operations our dedication to sustainability is reflected in our commitment to minimizing packaging waste across our operations. We continually strive to reduce our environmental footprint by optimizing our packaging processes. Through initiatives such as right-sizing packages to minimize excess materials and employing eco-friendly packaging options, we aim to decrease waste generation while ensuring the safe delivery of our PCB products. Any materials that cannot be reused are systematically sent for recycling, reinforcing our dedication to responsible resource management.

Waste Reduction

Continuous Improvement and Stakeholder Engagement

At Daleba we are committed to a steadfast journey towards sustainability. To ensure that we remain at the forefront of sustainable practices, we pledge to continuously assess our sustainability performance, striving to identify innovative solutions that will minimize our impact on the environment and society. We recognise that feedback from our dedicated employees, valued customers, and stakeholders is indispensable in this ongoing process, as it enables us to make informed decisions and tailor our efforts towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

Communication and Education

Daleba is committed to fostering a culture of sustainability, and effective communication and education are integral components of our sustainability policy. We believe that engaging our employees, customers, and partners is paramount in achieving our sustainability objectives. We will regularly communicate our sustainability goals, progress, and achievements to keep everyone informed and inspired. We will also collaborate with our customers and partners, sharing best practices and jointly exploring innovative solutions to reduce our collective environmental footprint. By fostering a shared understanding of sustainability, we aim to create a more sustainable future together.

Review and Revision

This sustainability policy will be periodically reviewed and updated to ensure its alignment with our evolving sustainability objectives and the changing business landscape.

Summary Statement

At Daleba Electronics, we are committed to making sustainable choices that benefit our planet, society, and business. By integrating sustainability into our core values and business operations, we aim to create a better future for all.

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