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Daleba offers a worldwide, on time delivery service. We have dedicated teams in the UK, China and Hong Kong monitoring your shipments and who will work with our logistics partners to ensure you receive your products on the agreed date.

Guaranteed Express Service

Ideal for time critical, low volume shipments. From our Hong Kong freight centre we can arrange next day delivery to the UK. Shipments can leave Hong Kong as late as 23:30 to arrive in London, customs cleared, by 06:30 the next morning.

Air Freight

Standard airfreight is ideal when time is of the essence, even for bulk shipments. Whether it’s ‘back to back’ or single items, we’ll make sure you we offer the best airfreight solution to suit your requirements.

Sea - Air

Combining the best of both: cheaper than air freight and faster than sea freight. Goods are sent halfway by sea, then transferred to air the rest of the way. It’ll take two weeks off the time it takes to get to the UK by sea and is very cost effective.


The most cost effective solution for your shipment is sea freight. Shipment time is typically five weeks and is recommended particularly for large, bulk shipments in excess of 200 kgs. When using our Consignment Stock Inventory management system, this is our preferred delivery method.


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Market leaders

Daleba can manufacture PCBs ranging from single-sided to complex boards in excess of 40x layers. Our in-house CAM engineering resource allows us to rapidly check, panelise and commercially optimise a fast turnaround prototype as well as small volumes. We can supply simple technology boards in as little as 24 hours!