Stock Management



Our bespoke stock management service is a vital part of our PCB solutions. We will ensure your regular and planned course of production never runs out of PCBs, whether it’s at different locations within one facility or multiple locations in a supply network.

A dedicated and experienced stock management team will develop a bespoke programme  for your company including:

  • Inventory Buffering
  • Kan-Ban/Re-Order Point Systems
  • Schedule-Sharing
  • Consigned Inventory

We will look at the detail between replenishment lead times, freight costs of inventory, inventory forecasting, inventory valuation, inventory visibility, future inventory price forecasting, physical inventory, available physical space, product quality management, replenishment, return of defective goods and demand forecasting.

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Buffered Stock

‘Buffered stock’ focuses on stabilising variations in supply, demand, production, or lead time. We’ll set up a ‘just-in-time delivery’ system to minimise excess inventory, thereby reducing wastage and expense, and you can rest assured materials will be in the place of manufacture or assembly at the appropriate time.

Benefits of buffered stock include:

  • A limited number of transactions
  • Fewer disturbances due to unscheduled downtime
  • The grouping of production processes to reduce the movement of work-in-process
  • A significant focus on quality control

consignment stock

We can deliver stock to your warehouse, but you’ll only pay when the goods are consumed or sold. Payment terms are negotiable, so you can still pay based on agreed terms, i.e. 30 days at the end of month from notice of consumption.

Benefits of consignment stock include:

  • You pay later
  • Stock is on your premises and available to use at any time
  • The number of carriage transactions is reduced

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