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The University of Surrey contacted DK-Daleba in late 2019 to help with their research into Holographic-Based mmW-Wideband Bidirectional Frequency Scanning Leaky Wave Antenna. The research project also included the requirement to manufacture an antenna in Ceramic, Alumina Oxide Al2O3

Our regular work is more accustomed to global product of printed circuit boards, but this project was within our remit for Ceramics and not outside the expertise of DK-Daleba. The attraction wasn't just due to the fact it was a panel we could make; it was also an excellent opportunity to work with the research team at the University.

As well as traditional FR4 substrates, we are used to producing IMS boards for thermal management and Ceramic circuits and panels. Ceramic has its major benefits, including its ability to deal with extremely high temperatures. As substrates, Ceramics also have a low thermal expansivity and a strong resistance to chemicals. Importantly for the University, Ceramics also have a high permittivity and low signal loss.

We were first contacted by Ali Araghi and Dr. Mohsen Khalify (Lecturer in Antenna and Propagation) at the Institute for Communication Systems (ICS), the home of the 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC). They advised the research was complete, but the Ceramic Holographic Antenna needed to be manufactured, in order to enable data to be measured to make sure the results aligned with the simulated results from the research.

Following detailed discussions with Mr Araghi and Dr Khalify we were able to create a specification, which included the necessary manufacturing tolerances. With a short lead-time in place due to the research deadline, our team worked diligently to hit the time-scales of the project. Despite it falling just before the Christmas shutdown, we completed the work on the Antenna. The Antenna worked faultlessly with the results demonstrating measurements that perfectly correlated with the simulated data.

At DK-Daleba, we see our role as a global supplier in the PCB electronics market as much more than just established and respected commercial production. We manufacture large production runs of Ceramic circuits/panels but equally we recognise it is essential to produce short production runs to help support ongoing research within the hugely talented R&D teams in our commercial companies and Universities. That enables them have access to new technologies such as Ceramics to help the development of the next wave of innovative technology.

Date : 11-02-2020

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