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» Ceramics from Daleba aid CERN's experiments

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, known is an intergovernmental organization that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world.

Posted - 21-02-2024

» Building UK PCB manufacturing partnerships

Electronic Sourcing caught up with Daleba Printed Circuits’ business development manager, Tony Hawkins, to discuss the current UK PCB supply chain To set the scene, how has the PCB supply chain...

Posted - 15-02-2024

» Daleba expands the team

Daleba are pleased to welcome three new members to our team, all with valued skill sets and in depth experience of the PCB industry.

Posted - 09-01-2024

» Daleba's commitment to sustainability within the electronics supply industry

Leading the charge in sustainable electronics!

Posted - 24-10-2023

» Commitment to quality and reliability

An article in 'Electronic Sourcing', May 2023 DK-Daleba's business development manager, Tony Hawkins, explains how AS9120B accreditation highlights the company’s investment in quality PCB manufa...

Posted - 02-05-2023

» AS9120B Accreditation

Aviation, Space and Defense Certified DK-Daleba has achieved a significant milestone in our commitment to quality and reliability of Printed Circuit Board supply by successfully obtaining AS9120B accr...

Posted - 21-03-2023

» PCIM Europe 2023

DK-Daleba / TCL Elektronika - PCIM Europe 2023 A team from DK-Daleba will be on our sister company’s stand at PCIM; 9th – 11th May 2023.

Posted - 21-03-2023

» Our very own diamond anniversary - a proud 60 years of PCB manufacturing.

Sixty years in any industry is a very long time, and DK-Daleba is proud of its long and successful one in PCB manufacturing.

Posted - 01-02-2023

» Chinese New Year is early in 2023

Order now to avoid supply disruption PCB Factories are closing mid-January.

Posted - 09-11-2022

» PCIM Europe 2022

The DK-Daleba team had a fantastic time at PCIM last week on our sister company, TCL Elektronika’s stand.

Posted - 20-05-2022

» DK-Daleba at 'Engage with... LIVE'

Power Electronics Machines and Devices Earlier this week, the team from DK-Daleba and our sister company GSPK Circuits were one of 40 exhibitors at the ‘Engage with…LIVE’ event in Sheffield.

Posted - 01-04-2022

» DK-Daleba - PCIM Europe, Nuremburg May 2022

A team from DK-Daleba will be on our sister company’s stand at PCIM; 10th – 12th May 2002.

Posted - 01-04-2022

» GSPK Circuits, our sister company, receives driving the revolution grant for heavy copper PCBs

Driving the Electric Revolution: ‘Supply Chains for Net Zero’ GSPK Circuits Ltd, the sister company of DK-Daleba, is pleased to announce it is a consortium partner that has been successful...

Posted - 14-03-2022

» Have you considered Flex or Flex-Rigid PCBs?

Some of the advantage of this technology and associated design considerations Flexible and Rigid-Flex boards offer many different connection capabilities than standard PCBs which can greatly help to reduce packaging requirements.

Posted - 05-01-2022

» DK-Daleba supply ceramic panels for a commercial fusion energy company

Tokamak UK - Pioneering commercial fusion energy: clean, economic and globally deployable A small nuclear fusion reactor could change the world as we know it producing limitless, clean, carbon free, safe and secure energy.

Posted - 17-12-2021

» Ceramics - Different Copper Thicknesses On A Single Layer

As with Heavy Copper FR4 circuits it is sometimes preferable to produce a ceramic circuit with both control and power elements on one layer to save costs and packaging space.

Posted - 08-12-2021

» Rigid-Flex, proving to be an assembly cost saver!

Every manufacturing company is always looking for ways to drive costs lower.

Posted - 09-11-2021

» New Ceramic Substrate

Active Metal Brazing for Power Electronics Up to 800µm on 0.

Posted - 08-07-2021

» What is your plan for best value, future proofing PCB supply and beating the current supply disruption?

'In the current disrupted supply market, it is vital to choose a supplier that is flexible and has the resources necessary to not only offer you good value but also provide an uninterrupted supply of PCBs.

Posted - 15-04-2021

» DTE Pedestal Technology Breakthrough

Solving thermal issues with Direct Thermal Exchange Technology (DTE) / Pedestal Technology.

Posted - 14-01-2021

» DK- Daleba can now produce PCBs with different copper weights on the outer layers

Heavy copper PCBs are classed as copper weights over 3oz and Extreme Heavy Copper up to 30oz.

Posted - 09-12-2020

» Ceramics - why the increase in demand?

The evolution of technology has seen a considerable increase in the use of electronics with a continuous and growing market requirement to package products into smaller devices and handle thermal issues from modern components.

Posted - 23-11-2020

» We are on the move early 2021

Trading conditions this year have been tough for all but we are pleased to say the business for DK-Daleba remains strong.

Posted - 24-09-2020

» Ceramic Interposers

An interposer is an electrical interface routing between one socket or connection to another, a common example would be an integrated circuit die to BGA.

Posted - 16-09-2020

» DK-Daleba presents to over 130 industry professionals

At the end of May, Thomas Bissett presented to over 130 delegates attending the online Power and High-Temperature Conference.

Posted - 02-06-2020

» DK-Daleba invited to present our Power Electronics PCB expertise at IMAPS

2020 has so far demonstrated how most industries need to adapt their communication methods to keep everyone informed and up-to-date with the latest technology and trends.

Posted - 19-05-2020


Well, we have been busy, and very proud of our part in the fight against Covid-19 If you have been following the news feeds for the past six weeks, you will have undoubtedly seen and heard of the geni...

Posted - 12-05-2020


Unless you have decided upon hibernation for the early part of 2020, you will have undoubtedly experienced, or at the very least heard of the effects of the global pandemic on supply chains.

Posted - 08-04-2020


DK-Daleba (Daleba Electronics Limited), is proud to announce the successful acceptance on to the JOSCAR register and are now recognised as a fully compliant supplier.

Posted - 26-03-2020


At DK-Daleba, we are continually working with our clients to explore specific and innovative PCB designs that deal effectively with the requirements and increasing demands of power electronics products.

Posted - 13-03-2020


For many years, silicon has been the chosen material for semiconductor production.

Posted - 13-02-2020


The University of Surrey contacted DK-Daleba in late 2019 to help with their research into Holographic-Based mmW-Wideband Bidirectional Frequency Scanning Leaky Wave Antenna.

Posted - 11-02-2020

Joscar Registered