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Unless you have decided upon hibernation for the early part of 2020, you will have undoubtedly experienced, or at the very least heard of the effects of the global pandemic on supply chains.

The demand in some industries has dropped dramatically, but the need for existing and new epidemic related technology has been increasing. The PCB market has undoubtedly experienced these unusual phenomena with demand, delays or interruptions having been prevalent right across the globe.

Two months ago, we talked about how the China shutdown was affecting supply chains in the west, and now the reverse is happening. As China demonstrates a role reversal towards 100% capacity, a level we are experiencing with our own China factory, the European lockdown is seeing difficulties with manufacturers struggling to get hold of the necessary component parts for their manufacturing.

Is it time to rethink business continuity plans

The pandemic has highlighted some fundamental flaws in many a supply chain and something that will need to be reviewed and evolve for many manufacturers. Business continuity is a must, especially in uncertain times, and any business that ignored the messages that prevail as we emerge from these unprecedented times, returning to some form of normality could be deemed to be airing on the side of complacency, rather than caution.

At DK-Daleba, business continuity is very much at the core of our services. A vast infrastructure focusing on PCB stock management and control, with the flexibility of European and Asian manufacturing basis has allowed us to fulfil orders consistently and successfully for our global client base. It has also created a continuity of cost. Many supply chains have seen extreme price increases because of the shutdowns. There isn't any one manufacturing business that is wholly immune to this event, but that level cost structure and continuity of profitability are now so fundamentally important.

If you have supply issues, or in need of a 'cost down' solution, we would love to hear from you. We are busy at present but still have the capacity to accommodate new orders.

Date : 08-04-2020

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