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We are on the move early 2021

Trading conditions this year have been tough for all but we are pleased to say the business for DK-Daleba remains strong. So much so that we need a larger premises to meet demand. We like to think that our prices, product quality and service is the reason we are seeing more and more customers come to DK-Daleba for their PCB and EMI Thermal requirements.

Have an advance look at our new home, Orland House, Hertford.

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Our long-time home in Hertfordshire has provided a perfect location in the heart of the country. It's close to the capital, major roads and served the company exceptionally well for decades. It has also provided an optimum location for distribution and logistics, allowing us easy access to all corners of the UK and including major ports and airports for our significant level of exports.

In recent years, it became evident that a move to new and larger premises was going to be required. The realisation of this meant we needed to explore options that were available to us carefully. We spent many months searching for a location that would still maintain our distribution advantage and provide us with an infrastructure to future proof our ambitious plans.

'So, when you outgrow your current facility and require something much more extensive, what would be your perfect choice to relocate? '

Well, of course, a new home has to be accessible, flexible and demonstrate opportunities to make proactive improvements with essential considerations like productivity and meet with market demands. Agility, flexibility and new technology were all primary considerations for a company of our kind in a growing and evolving industry.

Just across the adjacent rail tracks, we found the perfect location. Only a few metres from our current home is one of the main lines into the capital and directly to the other side of tracks is our new brand-new home, Orland House. The new premises consist of a 75,000 square foot facility containing an abundance of warehousing and office space for our growing team. The facilities provide superb access, larger parking areas and magnificent open plan office space as well as a warehousing infrastructure that enables us to departmentalise storage of the 6,000,000 PCBs we continually hold in stock for our clients. It also allows us to expand our storage further, meaning existing and new clients can benefit from even greater stock levels if required. Our Stock Management systems and processes are a major USP and benefit to our global client base.

When is it happening?

At the end of this year and straddling the festive season, we will be busy using that time to carefully and precisely to migrate the entire operation across the tracks and planning for opening in January in the new building, with no downtime and impact on productivity.

The work carried out over the past year to prepare, plan, adapt and be ready for the end of 2020 move has been extensive, but very exciting for us all at DK-Daleba!

Date : 24-09-2020

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