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DK-Daleba supply ceramic panels for a commercial fusion energy company

Tokamak UK - Pioneering commercial fusion energy: clean, economic and globally deployable


A small nuclear fusion reactor could change the world as we know it producing limitless, clean, carbon free, safe and secure energy. In simple terms, nuclear fusion is when two or more atoms collide at high speeds and fuse together to form a new atom. That is the same process that fuels the sun.

Tokamak based near Oxford in the UK are aiming to demonstrate the feasibility of fusion as an energy source by 2030s. They have built a state-of-the-art reactor where 140,000 amps of electricity is fired into a cloud of hydrogen gas producing 50 million degrees Celsius.

Companies come to DK-Daleba for the various advantages that ceramic circuits offer, including low signal loss, chemical resistance, high operating temperatures and thermal conductivity. Tokamak needed ceramic panels for their thermal conductivity properties which we gladly manufactured for them. They chose panels made from Aluminium Nitride (AlN) with its superior values of Thermal Conductivity of up to 170W/mK.

Details of our ceramic circuits can be found here

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Date : 17-12-2021

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