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GSPK Circuits, our sister company, receives driving the revolution grant for heavy copper PCBs

Driving the Electric Revolution: ‘Supply Chains for Net Zero’

GSPK Circuits Ltd, the sister company of DK-Daleba, is pleased to announce it is a consortium partner that has been successful in funding to develop Enhanced Liquid Immersion Power Systems. A total of £19m for 11 projects for Power Electronics Machines and Drives have been funded by Driving the Electric Revolution, an Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund delivered by UK Research and Innovation.

GSPK and its partners will deliver a design-to-manufacture project to build products through a UK supply-chain to produce Enhanced Liquid Immersion Power Systems (ELIPS) and GaN based technology across Power Electronics Machines and Devices sectors.

Consortium partners are: GSPK Circuits Ltd, Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult Ltd, Customer Interconnect Ltd, Supply Design Ltd and Iceotope Technologies Ltd.

The ELIPS with it’s unique cooling method offers greater packaging density, increased reliability, small packaging sizes and lower power consumption providing improved environmental impacts.

GSPK has taken a central role in a project to develop Heavy Copper Power PCBs.

The ELIPS will provide market opportunities in the global emerging market in immersion-cooled power electronics system, sub-assemblies, and components.

Liquid immersion on Power Supplies improves power density and performance opportunities but performance is limited due to current components and manufacturing techniques optimised for conduction or convection cooling. The consortium will address those issues by producing ELIPS units for the rapidly growing data centre market but also for circular economy opportunities including automotive, aerospace and telecoms.

GSPK will build on current manufacturing experience and IP to develop Heavy Copper Power Electronics printed circuit boards to accommodate high power GAN devices.

Core goals of GSPK’s Heavy Copper PCBs:

  • Increased endurance to thermal strain for Gan devices
  • Increased mechanical strength at conductor sites and in PTH holes
  • Density reduced using mixed copper weights on outer layers
  • Reduced cost driver with bonded copper v plated

Steve Lloyd, Managing Director of GSPK said:

GSPK are pleased to be a key manufacturer in this Driving the Electric Revolution initiative. It took many months of working on this project with the consortium partners to achieve funding and I am very proud of the team for their efforts in achieving the successful outcome. As well as direct involvement in the ELIPS product this opportunity will allow GSPK to cement its position as the leading UK manufacturer for Heavy Copper Power Electronics PCBs.

Date : 14-03-2022

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