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Our very own diamond anniversary - a proud 60 years of PCB manufacturing.

DK-Daleba Celebrating 60 Years

Sixty years in any industry is a very long time, and DK-Daleba is proud of its long and successful one in PCB manufacturing. In this diamond year, specifically, the 4th of February being our anniversary, we celebrate the completion of six decades of trading where we have manufactured and distributed 100s of millions of PCBs to technology companies around the globe. From humble beginnings to currently boasting a manufacturing base of over 60 million boards per annum.

A little about our history

When the manufacturing of PCBs began, the company, like most, started from humble beginnings. Initially founded in February 1963 by David and Barbara Lee, the business quickly grew to become an accomplished PCB manufacturer, strengthening its offering and building on a growing customer base.

The success was notable and led to the company being acquired by its current owners in 1981, moving its base to Hertford Town Mill in Tamworth Road, Hertford. Since that successful acquisition, DK-Daleba has enjoyed considerable growth as part of the group, which today stretches throughout the UK, Europe, and Asia, providing a broad spectrum of PCB technology to a continually growing global customer base.

PCB Technology innovation

DK-Daleba, along with its group partners, has also innovated in the field of PCB research and development, creating technology, some of which holds worldwide patents, and in turn enables global ‘Tech’ companies to find solutions to ever-increasing temperatures, high power and the need for electronics to fit into smaller and smaller spaces. A challenge that our customers and we work with every day of the year.

Our 60 years of successful trading have also seen us diversify the PCB technology we offer to the global market. Along with FR4, we manufacture Heavy Copper PCBs, Flex & Rigid-Flex, Metal Clad PCBs, DTE Pedestal Technology, Ceramic PCBs and our very own range of Thermal Interface Materials, EMI and RFI Shielding products, all falling under the brand name EMI Thermal.

As the need for innovation evolves, we are undoubtedly confident that DK-Daleba and our group partners will continue to find new and innovative PCB technology to meet the growing demands of the global tech market.

DK-Daleba today

Early in 2021, the company moved to its current premises at Orland House. A 75,000 square foot facility that enabled us to provide more warehousing and office space for a growing team, notwithstanding the storage of over 6 million customer PCBs. This continues to be our UK home and will cater for future group expansion and necessary storage and customer stock control requirements.

Our sixty years have certainly been challenging, demanding, and rewarding. We hope the next six decades will be equally as exciting and successful as the ones to date.

Date : 01-02-2023

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