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AS9120B Accreditation

Aviation, Space and Defense Certified

BSI AS/EN 9120 Certified

DK-Daleba has achieved a significant milestone in our commitment to quality and reliability of Printed Circuit Board supply by successfully obtaining AS9120B accreditation, a standard for quality management systems specifically designed for aerospace distributors and stockists.

The AS9120B accreditation is based on the ISO 9001:2018 standard and adds additional requirements specific to the aerospace industry. The certification process involved a rigorous assessment of our quality management systems and our ability to meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Our achievement of this accreditation demonstrates our dedication to meeting the stringent quality and safety standards required by the aerospace industry. It confirms that our quality management systems meet the high standards expected of this industry.

"We are extremely proud to have achieved AS9120B accreditation," said Richard Butler, Quality Director of DK-Daleba. "It is a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality products and services to our customers in the aerospace industry. This certification demonstrates that we have the systems in place to meet the complex requirements of this sector, and gives our customers the confidence that they are receiving products that are of the highest quality."

DK-Daleba's achievement of AS9120 accreditation is a significant milestone and demonstrates our commitment to quality and reliability. It is a testament to the dedication of our team to meeting the stringent standards required by the aerospace industry and confirms their position as a trusted supplier of PCBs.

Date : 21-03-2023

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